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Comes the 2nd season of Helix on Syfy

Comes the 2nd season of Helix on Syfy

by horrormovies.gr15/01/2015

Interesting series of thriller/science-fiction Syfy's that magnitise the audience in 2014, is preparing to put a bow on the second cycle of a few days. Specifically on 16 January 2015 the first episode of the second season of the Helix will be screened by the American network Syfy starting a new sequence of shock events (at least seemingly).

For the second season it is worth noting the changing environment where the events will take place. While the first cycle the action unfolded on the scientific basis of Antarctica, now a large part of them will be played in an isolated island with lush vegetation. There operates a scientific/religious sect with malicious designs. With this sect collide the protagonists scientists of the first cycle.

Many members of the cast of the first cycle will re-emerge in the second. A major addition is that of Steven Weber (Wing, Leaving Las Vegas) who will pose as the leader of the religious community. This major change of performances seems at first sight interesting but necessary as it will breathe new life into the series. The episodes will be 13 again with a duration of approximately 40 minutes.

Below you can check out the official trailer of the second cycle and a more extensive video to get a picture of what next. If you wish to read the review of our website for the first cycle of Helix click on the following link:



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