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The 10th Commandment Returns With the 4th Circle in Alpha

The 10th Commandment Returns With the 4th Circle in Alpha

"You can tell the shape inside the crowd. You might see them hastily adoption faces that remind you something, familiar faces like staring at yourself in the mirror but is broken. Why dreams have become nightmares and time stuck in an instant, a blurry, undefined line that there is no turning back if overtaking-if they disobey the 10th Commandment. "

This is one of the legendary Greek imports series of all-time, with elements of adventure, thriller, horror police NET and paranoia – even black comedy. The first episode of the long-awaited series of Panos Kokkinopoulos and Frenzy of Films Productions will be screened on Alpha, Wednesday 11 February at 22:45. In the trailer that was published we encounter several old familiar series: Minas Hatzisavvas, Yannis Stankoglou, Kariofyllia Karabeti, Ersi Malikenzou, Akis Sakellariou and Myrto Alikaki awaken memories from the past and give a taste of what you'll see in the upcoming separate episodes.

Premiere will become the ' Silence ', an episode for the trafficking, the illicit trafficking and the struggle for survival. Let's hope that success in reviving a solid essay with elements of horror, adventure, thriller and in personal relationships and extreme situations.


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