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Dying Light – Survival Horror Video Game (2015)

Dying Light – Survival Horror Video Game (2015)

by 26/05/2015
The "Dying Light" is a fascinating horror game that uses the prevalent theme of Apocalypse of zombies under an agonizing story of survival that hides many and varied risks ... especially at night!

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This is the latest powerful paper of Techland. The production company that developed among others the very good survival horror video game "Dead Island" delivers another dynamic game for fans of idiom. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The case of "Dying Light" revolves around a secret agent who is sent to the quarantine zone in a city named Harran, where a mysterious virus has turned a large part of the population into bloodthirsty zombies. The agent should find a very important file that uses a powerful man named Kadir Suleiman to blackmail the Authorities. The city also operate bandit gangs who post the accessories that sends out the air Assistance Organization. Apart that is from the zombies, the hero must confront and menace of robbers of Harran.

The game is excellent with a series of remarkable idiosyncrasies. For example the dynamic day and night cycle where the second the zombies become far more dangerous and quickly forces the player to play with forethought and planning. The morning will give importance to collect supplies and build weapons or setting up traps while the evening must able to survive until the next morning or battling the zombies either avoiding where possible. Hence the phrase "Good Night, Good Luck" game since the night the risk of magnified dramatically!

Impression also causes the extensive system of parkour moves that can make the player leaping from roof to roof without missing and other more common moves like sliding down into columns or to climb on buildings and barbed wire. The player can use a wide range of weapons such as knives, baseball bats, pistols, saws, etc.

Another element that makes the "Dying Light" is the fascinating variety of secondary missions (although some are a little indifferent) while certainly the multiplayer that allows collaboration with 3 other players increases the fun. The graphics are also at a high level.

In conclusion, the "Dying Light" is a game that will fascinate lovers of survival horror. Although it may seem somewhat difficult in the early stages the overall feeling that leaves is more than just satisfactory. Entertainment is guaranteed!


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