Cookies Policy

On the website, its proper functioning is ensured by placing the necessary cookies-small data files – on your computer. It is a usual tactic, which guarantees an optimal online experience to every visitor.

What are cookies?

When referring in cookies, we mean the small data files that are stored on your computer (or portable device) when you visit each site. In our case, the website store small data files on your computer. As a consequence, there is information in relation to the actions and preferences. As examples, we cite the code of your connection, the language you use, font size and other details). Through cookies, helps and it is not necessary to enter these details every time you visit our site.

How cookies are used?

It is possible to use the necessary cookies from our pages, so that your preferences to be recorded in connection with the movie reviews, series or games (e.g. as you say that you like some critique or evaluate). Although they are not prerequisites for your connection, however greatly improve the experience you receive during your fyllometrisi. It is possible to delete cookies, but not recommended, as this way you risk to lose some of the features on our site or not made easier by the improvements mentioned above.

It is also worth mentioning that the cookies are used for collecting data (always anonymous) to the Google Analytics, Google AdSense or DoubleClick for Publishers. Of course, the cookies are not designed to identify you personally – on the contrary, their use is limited to these purposes. Finally, sometimes requires your consent in relation to the storage of cookies. You can also choose to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics stats, IPS indefinitely, by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser “Addon” for your current web browser:

How controlled the cookies?

You have the ability to delete or to check the cookies stored on your computer, based on your own needs and preferences. Further details in relation to the control and the deletion of cookies can be found at You can delete cookies already stored on your device, as well as to complete the required settings in the browsers that you use so that we do not store cookies. Finally, you can customize your preferences each time in connection with the control of cookies in any website you visit.

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