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Idle Hands-The Killing hand (1999)

Idle Hands-The Killing hand (1999)

από 25/02/2015
"Idle Hands" focuses on the dramatic turn that takes the life of a lazy young man when his hand is occupied by a diabolical power that thirsts for blood and killing.

Rodman Flender


Jeffrey Sudzin, Andrew Licht, Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd


Terri Hughes, Ron Milbauer


Devon Sawa, Seth Green, Elden Henson, Jessica Alba, Vivica A. Fox


Graeme Revell

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Columbia Pictures Corporation, Licht/Mueller Film Corporation, Team Todd, TriStar Pictures


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)






The touching story of a boy and his right hand.



Box Office

$4.152.230 (έως 2/9/2013)




Mpolikos chabales, good interpretations, copious gore, successful effects, superb soundtrack rock direction.


Some less successful humorous one-liners, some senariakoi absurdities that go beyond and flexible enough for the standards of the film limits, few anempneystes scenario ideas that don't offer anything substantive.

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Entertaining and quite meticulous horror comedy with a lot of blood. What you need for the Saturday night show with friends.

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It is odd that this particular film comic horror has gone "rushed" and generally forgotten by the big mass of horror fans, although not so old nor ftiniariko. Even the horror audience has turned his back on "Idle Hands" even at the time of its release at the end of the 90s, resulting in the debacle at the box office. It is said that the failure of the American movies partly responsible and the carnage at Columbine School that had taken place a few days before the screening of the film in April 1999 creating a generally heavy and gloomy atmosphere. In any case, the recent story about the "Idle Hands" indicates that slowly but surely the film begins to be discovered again by friends of mostly youthful terror and has already gained cult status for several.

The cast is remarkable, with several notable young actors to the frame. The case is more or less paranoid. A fuzzy diabolical power overwhelms the young Anton's right hand and forcing him to murder people from nearby environment although he tries to dominate. This force seems to generally selects the lazy and this kid seems to belong to this club enjoying his life in processors to araliki, joint, endless TV and General debauchery, hanging out with his buddies at partaloys. His life changed unexpectedly when the malevolent supernatural force seizes his hand pushing him into bloody killing acts. Alongside the slaughter taking place in the context of Anton, the film carries us and on the Board of a allokotis woman who follows in the footsteps of power satanikis in order to stop it.

Horror Trivia

The film was shot in the same neighborhood where the shooting took place in the historic ' Halloween ' (1978).

Ok, the madness is a synonym of "Idle Hands" in which the logic go walk giving place in Jazz at the lavish and unrestrained bloodbath. I honestly don't need to alienate the lack of logic as the all-conquering action and the chioymoyristiki mood more than compensate for the aforementioned "disadvantage". At down under for horror comedy talk and her character is intentionally crazy and "absurd". Much credit must be given to actors with their sincere mood significantly elevate the fun by showing that believe in what they're doing and it seems from the satisfactory result. The Devon Sawa who a year later would see him in "Final Destination" is delectable showing unstoppable movability as required by the role. The Jessica Alba embodies perfectly the naziara erotic companion of the protagonist combining innocence but and bold eroticism. The best friends of Anton's eye catcher with their image bloodied and his insatiable appetite for Harpoon and debauchery.

Kudos must also give players special effects/make-up. Indeed the work that has been done in this area is excellent, especially in the depiction of murders and their results. In "Idle Hands" we can also observe elements from other historical horror film that accidentally or deliberately penetrated effectively in corpus. We find for example the legendary films of George Romero "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead" as the television show heroes. The resurrected corpse of one of his friends Anton circulating with severed head conjures up the cult classic "Re-Animator's" Stuart Gordon while the carnage the night of the school dance reminds the classic "Carrie" by Brian De Palma. Of course the central concept with malicious hand was not new as similar patterns we have seen in The "Hand" of 1981 starring Michael Cane or in the anthology horror «» Quicksilver Highway (1997).

Finally, it will be a serious omission if no reference and a great soundtrack of "Idle Hands" that includes many anebastika songs of the wider spectrum of rock bands like The Offspring, Rob Zombie, Mötley Crüe and many more famous artists. Especially the appearance of the Offspring in the film and the mad scenes that follow her standing as one of the absolute highlights along with the outrageous and yperchortastikoys murders! What conclusion remove from all that well? Apparently that fans of horror comic kaloskinothetimenoy need to see the "Idle Hands". On the other is a good choice, especially if they wish to spend their sabbatobrado light and entertaining. If nothing else this is a film that criticizes the laziness with kitsch, but fun way.

Idle Hands

Movie Review Highlights


  • The bloody sequences that the hero slaughters the two Bros.
  • The nailing of the head of a COP with a knitting needle.
  • The extirpation of the singer against the Offspring of the diabolical hand!
  • The juicy murder of a girl who became "a" with an air duct!


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