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The House That Dripped Blood-The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

The House That Dripped Blood-The House that Dripped Blood (1971)

από 22/06/2014
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Amicus Productions


1 Hour and 42 Minute (102 Minutes)


Vampires! Voodoo! Vixens! Victims!
TERROR waits for you in every room in The House That Dripped Blood.

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Gothic atmosphere, reversibly finishes of stories that shock, great cast and grandiose interpretations in General, quality stories.


The not so well-made first story.

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From quality horror anthologies of Amicus Productions. Marvelous example of this class.

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 Case: In "The House That Dripped Blood" a detective of Scotland Yard is looking for traces of an actor who was lost in a provincial mansion. The detective interrogates the broker who rented the home to actor and he tells of four eerie tales about the past residents of the House.

The usual suspect of old atmospheric horror anthologies Amicus Productions offers us this excellent modular horror movie from the early 70s. A film that is supported by a galaxy of stars of British cinema such as Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Jon Pertwee and Denholm Elliott amongst others. Despite the graphic title that refers to a rivers of blood, "" The House That Dripped Blood "does not contain the slightest drop of blood we cannot disappoint at all since it uses different techniques to cause terror. Another noteworthy point that must be stressed is the presence of the author of the novel "Psycho" Robert Bloch, on which was based the self-titled film Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece. The conditions are certainly encouraging. Go now to see what he has to tell us the same movie.

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The role of the actor who impersonates the Jon Pertwee was originally getting the great Vincent Price which eventually did not take place due to the contract with the American International Pictures that binds the latter.

Method For Murder: a writer of horror novels ftiniarikwn who recently moved into the House with his wife, tormented by terrifying viewings of dangerous and crazed character for whom he writes in his latest book. The case is definitely interesting, occasionally manages to scare us but some slips in the script and Director create a mixed picture for this story.

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Waxworks: Here the situation is improving markedly. The wax figures have a field day with the Guide and always convincing Peter Cushing witnessing a genuine horror story. A lone man (Peter Cushing) who moved into the House, visited the local Museum of horror with wax figures and shocked by the imposing Salome, a very charming likeness that demands attention of men. The same happens and a friend that comes under. The specific dummy seems to remind them of their known a woman with whom he was both in love. But passion of two men for the block leads to dangerous situations as Salome's past hides a diabolical secret! Nice story with well-written script and fine performances. The subversive finale sends strong doses of shock to viewers.

Casa que Pingava Sangue

Sweets to the Sweet: After the great Peter Cushing passing to the other giant of British horror scene, Christopher Lee. The great actor impersonates a widower who moves in the same House together with her little daughter. The little girl seems problematic. He fears the fire friends, nor does playing with other kids and generally her father shows to the strict limits for some strange reason he knows. Not even the leaves to be in possession of either dolls! Private teacher hired to educate his daughter tries to improve the situation and to relieve the yoke which has the daughter requires an implacable father. But soon I discovered surprised the dark secrets hidden in seemingly innocent girl. Excellent performances and here from all participants. The gradual revelation of the nightmare that conceals the story evokes genuine shudders.


The Cloak: series has the vampirism and this story the US serves stylish, cosy and old-fashioned (in a good way) just like they love the fans of old school horror quality. Great performance by John Pertwee and charming partner of Ingrid Pitt. The Pertwee played the eccentric actress who searches for the basic detective story. Like actress prefers to play in horror movies but is particularly demanding in terms of clothing. When buying a mantle from a strange store for the needs of his role as a vampire, he discovers that the cloak hides something very dark … In this segment the bar is high with the startling finale to surprise pleasantly.

You don't need to add much to this cult anthology. Everything you look for friends of old Gothic scene can be found here. Only the first story has turned a bit casual, but in general the quality of stories is excellent. The Central story-wrapper meets without is and of the most attractive they have seen. But this raises and turns towards the finale to the delight of the spectators. The lack of violence is fully compensated by the intense, immersive atmosphere than the artful harnessing of windfall. Look for "The House That Dripped Blood" and will not miss. Especially those who enjoy in horror anthologies.

House That Dripped Blood

Movie Highlights

  • The fascinating aspect of "Salome" in the second story and the creepy ending.
  • The subversive end of history Tuesday.
  • The end of the last subversive history.

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