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Cube-cube (1997)

Cube-cube (1997)

από 17/09/2014
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Cube Libre, Feature Film Project, Harold Greenberg Fund, Odeon Films, Ontario Film Development Corporation, Téléfilm Canada, Viacom Canada


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)


The only way out lies within your own mind.
Fear... Paranoia... Suspicion... Desperation.
Don't Look For A Reason... Look For A Way Out
The Walls Are Closing In.



Box Office

$501.818 (έως 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012)


The ingenious, inventive variety of traps, the claustrophobic atmosphere, plurality of vivid colours, the psychological-social dimensions which gives the Director through the clash of characters.


Maybe that's not all interpretations the same grave. This does not affect almost any high quality of "Cube".

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Such hidden gems full of freshness and originality, should be enjoyed by any serious follower of the sci-fi/horror idiom. More generally, we talk about movie that caters to a huge number of spectators.

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 Case: O "Cube" or "Cube" is a sci-fi/horror film that recounts the dramatic moments 6 unidentified found despite their will in stranded a huge maze of cubic rooms, connected to each other. While the heroes seek outlet, deadly traps lurking in some rooms complicating their efforts.

Claustrophobic, brilliant, menacing, nightmarish, anguished … five words that come directly into my mind when I see the title or the cover of a particular film. The ' Cube ' is a very different movie and quite difficult to integrate into a certain genre after recommends class of its own. This Diamond Canadian origin combines highly psychological horror, science fiction, human weakness, gore and … mathematics in an explosive mixture that leaves the viewer with open mouth!

For unknown reasons, a small group of unknown among the people are locked up in a huge complex of rooms Cubist, places an even larger cube! The rooms are communicating through small square doors which allow you to move from one room to another. However, not all rooms are safe after some hide deadly traps that are enabled with fairly insidious and technologically advanced way. The six protagonists trying to recover from the shock and to find an exit. The project is not at all easy because of the nightmarish games and killing traps that hides the cube, and have to face themselves.

The case presents a decidedly from great inventiveness and originality. The individual technical elements of ' Cube ' as the suffocating, closed environment, the intense colours of the rooms and the diversity of traps make movie devilishly charming and highly unpredictable at the same time. Feelings of hopelessness, anger and despair that often decides the protagonists are transmitted successfully to the viewer who feels somehow with prisoners. The finding that the protagonists have a job title or a natural charisma that can effectively leverage in an effort to escape from the cube, adds another intelligent touch to the magnificent spectacle of witnessing.

Horror Trivia

The film was shot in 20 days and was last released in Canada by Cineplex Odeon Films before renamed Odeon Films.

Apart from these, the film tries to non stays shallow but lets go to the surface various weaknesses of human behavior that manifest themselves more strongly when the man found in the environment of a hard test. Often the collaboration of the group can be fragmented when emotions override logic bringing the most unpredictable consequences. Yes, the "Cube" tries to filosofisei, to look deeper into the human psyche and to convey a variety of messages. Messages about the intense desire for life and brave struggle for survival from one, up to the most nichilistika and pesimistika messages from the other, that perplex strongly for possible valid in the arena of real world. It is worth noting that the plot lets not bored anywhere as the film is fast-paced and of course plenty of suspense. The doses of gore are not the most frequent component of "Cube" but at least in two cases that the traps they succeed their task results are very shocking!

In conclusion the ' Cube ' is a delectable combination of horror, fantasy, mystery with psychological and social ramifications that will keep you firmly in your Chair and yet I think. I wish they came more often inventive movies like this!


Movie Highlights

  • The gruesome murder through a "NetWorker" trap that literally makes tracks the victim.
  • The spill acid on the face of a victim who falls into a trap with meaningful results …
  • The agonizing scene the actors invited to overtake a room completely quiet as the trap is triggered with the human sound. In something like this scenes the viewer's sweat flowing endlessly …

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