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The Changeling-Sheer Terror (1980)

The Changeling-Sheer Terror (1980)

από 26/11/2014
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Chessman Park Productions

Γνωστή και ως

House on Chessman Park


1 Hour and 47 Minutes (107 Min)


Two people live in this house. One of them has been dead for 70 years.
Whatever you do...DON'T GO INTO THE ATTIC.


$CAD 7.600.000

Box Office



Scary atmosphere within the environment, haunted mansion, elaborate camera shots, very good work on sound effects, good performances from nearly all characters, successful Visual effects.


Few backsliding and conveniences in the scenario, sporadic delays at pace.

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One of the best horror films with haunted houses ever produced and with great historical importance.

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 Case: In "The Changeling" a mentally katarrakwmenos musician who lost his wife and child in a car accident, moves to a secluded Manor House to make a new beginning. He soon discovers that he is not alone in his new home as a mysterious spirit with freakish behavior upsets his stay.

Once was a time when the metaphysical dread knew great moments of glory through authentic scary movies. Films shot with enthusiasm, inventiveness, imagination and cohesion at the same time, magnetizing the Viewer either believed in the murky world of ghosts and supernatural forces or not. And if today you have had enough of the procheirogyrismenes reps on the field of supernatural horror, then I suggest you do a flashback and tick some of the diamonds that has slashed the troubled horror scene. In those great movies metaphysical horror "history belongs to The Changeling" of Hungarian-born Director Peter Medak (Species 2).

changeling still"The Changeling" revolves around a musical/music teacher who after traumatic shock caused by the death of his wife and daughter in a car accident, he moved in a massive mansion in order to start his life afresh. But at home there is another entity that belongs to the world of the supernatural and specifically of ghosts. This entity – what and Yes anyway – scares and pesters the musical at increased frequency. When with unworldly noises, sometimes with abrupt closing doors, when casting on the stairs with gaming entity takes care to remind the host that is located here and has requirements! What can be and how dangerous they can be done in a spirit to the music? And also … how far can reach our hero to solve the mystery?

In all these interesting questions would find answers by watching the "The Changeling". Early in the film tries to highlight the intense activity of the spirit that resides in the mansion of the music. This accomplishes easily sending high doses of fear to viewers. Motifs such as the abrupt closing doors may not have been new even for that era, but it was welcome for a friend of horror as produced many eerie scenes. "The Changeling" is not removed from the above-mentioned context, nevertheless maintains its own separate identity. Intelligent camera shots in various places of the House should serve as a lesson for younger filmmakers on how to set up a scary movie in limited space.

Horror Trivia

The great filmmaker Martin Scorsese has promoted "The Changeling" on his personal list of the 11 tromaktikoteres movies along with other historical horror film like "Psycho," "The Shining" and "The Exorcist".

changeling photoVery good work they do and the actors giving professional and absolutely convincing interpretations. The Great George C. Scott is the great protagonist of a horrific but enigmatic film that interweaves in ideal proportions terror and mystery without sacrificing almost anywhere. And we say "almost" because although "The Changeling" has a tight script, however very few times you feel that inspiration recedes and the scenario-based facilities come to the fore. Fortunately, however, we are talking about a normal situation for metaphysical horror film. In other words, sporadic defects in staple construction passed almost unnoticed, and the final result is enchanting. Excellent work has also been done in the Visual and sound effects. The first doesn't seem to be any out-dated (instead could be used and today!) while the latter are intensifying the climate of terror that diffuses to the inhospitable corridors of the House.

In conclusion, if you are a friend of supernatural horror and haunted houses, then "The Changeling" is a must see for you. Will scare you and you'll grab with known but flawlessly executed tricks. And to strengthen the feeling of terror let us mention that the rumor that says the film that is based on true events, and specifically in the metaphysical experiences experienced writer Russel Hunter when he lived in a mansion in Denver of Colorado …


Movie Review Highlights

  • The chilling scene with the ball that descends the stairs of the House … and the course twice.
  • The monumental sequences where the musician listens to the recorded session and the following frightening images that reveal a shocking murder.
  • The frightening scene by breaking the mirror in front of the astonished eyes of the protagonist.
  • The suspenseful finale that has it all: Chase from the scary wheelchair, threatened with chandeliers, imposing fire and justice …

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