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El Cuerpo – The Body (2012)

The Spanish Cinema bolidoskopei in recent years to create even a school, I would venture to say, in psychological and not only, with a flurry of terror of notable releases. One of them is the "El Cuerpo" or agglisti "The Body". This is a movie that keeps you in suspense from beginning to end, the developments are overwhelming and with events that upset one another.

The actors highly convincing, but in my opinion the show steal the Belen Rueda thelktikotati known by the equally good "Julia's Eyes", in the role of the dead husband of young chemical and Jose Coronado in the role of the police, who seem to conceal many secrets katatregmenos from [...]


The Neon Demon (2016)

The Nicolas Refn Winding (Only God Forgives, Drive, Rising Valhala) is known for psychedelia and Visual Feast for his films and for the difficult, surreal style that employ several of these. The new film's work titled ' The Demon ' Neon follows similar paths moving at this time in the category of horror. Informative, some elements of the case but also the style of the movie reminded me of slightly surreal horror film "Starry Eyes" by 2014.

' The Demon ' Neon explores the competitive world of modeling and along with it all about human emotions that can emerge as the jealousy, malice, the admiration, the obsession with beauty, narcissism, etc. [...]


Don’t Breathe (2016)

Very nice and attractive idea. Indeed the second horror film of Fede Alvarez exerts an irresistible attraction to the intercepts only from the case while the trailer leaves a lot of promises. Promises that finally fulfilled after the "Don't Breathe" is an impressive and original horror movie that makes us smile after confirming that the American terror hasn't yet said its last word from a conceptual viewpoint, ideas.

Without chasomeraei and spent on unnecessary lengthy introductions "Don't Breathe" enters quickly cut to the chase with young burglars/protagonists trapped in his house blind manic desperately seeking an exit. Their nightmare made [...]


Lights Out (2016)

The debut of David F. horror cinema in Sandberg scans to completely covering the production costs already from its premiere in theaters. Such hits usually follow the familiar recipe that requires modern terror. I.e. focus on the metaphysical element, at least one frightening entity, multiple jump scares, many tensions with dynamic scaling to the final straight, etc.

The "Lights Out" could not have these items being generally a horror film intended for the general public, with easily topics and immediacy in production terror without a lot of "strokes", obscure games, without complicated metaphors and symbolism. Does all of the above mean that it is a bad [...]


Howl (2015)

For the particular horror film from Great Britain had reservations but some expectations. The case was attractive you see … Werewolves were besieging a night train passengers in the Woods. Was a little "Dog Soldiers" (2002) with replacement of home by train and from there a little the night with the always fascinating but terrifying full moon, a little classic lykanthrwpoy monster that always considered especially prestigious, exercised a mysterious attraction on me.

Of course any expectations quickly thrymmatistikan watching the first 30 minutes of "Howl". The problems with the interpretation, character building and scenario made their appearance [...]

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